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Posted Nov 30th, 2014

Is it really possible for a CMS to be that easy?

That's a question we've been asking ourselves for more than two years now. It certainly wasn't just because I wanted to say we built a content management system that requires only the use of your thumb on a mobile device. That really wouldn't be enough for us and truthfully, we were more optimistic than that. We simply wanted to create the most powerful CMS experience possible.

We wanted to create an experience for our customers that would finally give them peace of mind. Something, that by it's mere appearance, they'd understand how to use it. We wanted it to be sophisticated, but not complicated. So then, what would be easier than being able to manage your website using only your thumb on a mobile device. That would be worthwhile, wouldn't it? I mean, imagine standing in line at Starbucks and suddenly you had an idea about something you want to put on your website. Now that's an experience you wouldn't forget so easily. A CMS that allows you to update websites even on a mobile device, using only your thumb.

In the last 10 years, I can't tell you how many frustrated customers walked in my door ready to pull their hair out. Joomla, Drupal, WordPress and other content management systems were creating a stress epidemic. However in 2008 the lights went on and we developed the worlds first evolving technology platform for supporting websites. That's right a CMS that was evolving. The first of its kind, but this happened months before the responsive design revolution.

Matt Froese, (our UX Designer and now Chief of Technology) had already been pushing for us to design responsive websites, and we thought the timing couldn't have been better. Let's begin thinking about how we might build a content management system that wasn't a slave to any device. By last year, we had waited long enough and had completely exhausted are thinking around this issue. It's time to get to work!

The ideas were just pouring out of our heads and our vision group together as a team. Our thinking and vision has grown faster in the past year then we had in the previous seven years. Matt and I just couldn't get enough. We couldn't even stop talking about it and at times we were driving our wives bonkers.

Even with our previous version, what was taking the experts on WordPress 45 minutes to accomplish, was taking a mere five minutes for my customers. Our demonstrations took only 20 minutes, but 90% of the time our customers were sold in the first three minutes. Moreover, Google had already shown us that our websites load faster than 98% of the websites worldwide, so we took what we learned there and we applied it to our system and now, our system loads even 10 times faster.

So what about developers?

We already have numerous web designers and advertising agencies using our system. They were all using the stress epidemic tools of yesterday. When asked they attribute their decision to the following:

  • No more worrying about security patches
  • No more updating just so that they can benefit from new features - it's done for them.
  • No more worrying about their servers, maintenance etc.
  • Less technical support with their customers means more time for new customers
  • An all inclusive product that even removes monthly bill collections.
  • Quicker production time frames (Powerful built-in Developer Tools)

If you're a web developer using Joomla!, Drupal, or WordPress, I recommend taking a long hard look at your content management system and ask your self why it takes you 45 minutes to accomplish what an amateur on our system does in just five minutes.

We are encouraging website designers to click the get started button above, and let's get you started today.


Don Cormier

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  • Sharon Lousma on Dec 1st, 2014
    OMG Don the changes are amazing and easy as pie - Thanks!

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